An innovative and highly experienced Operations Management consultancy with a successful background in problem solving, performance improvement and crisis resolution in a wide range of industrial situations. We offer consultancy, interim and project management services to companies in all sectors.

Why choose Red Technologies?

There are always at least three solutions to every business problem – we can usually find these, plus a couple more.

We provide short term management resource if emergency help is needed to get you through a difficult period.

Our ethos is simple – we set out to deliver the highest standards of quality thinking, to provide clarity where there may be confusion, to add value to every decision making situation.

We deliberately set out to work as part of the internal team  – communicating, involving, training are all part of our value adding methodologies. As well as achieving successful results every time, your team is stronger at the end of any project.

How you benefit

  • Short term action – when it is needed
  • High value added results using specialist skills and experience
  • Keeps your own management and business focussed on day to day priorities
  • The most economical way to get significant change through a business
  • External advice provides clarity
  • Acts as a catalyst and motivator for the internal team – cuts through internal politics / culture
  • Results achieved quickly – and completely (no diversions)

Call us to find out more +44 (0) 1584 856655

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